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Pool heaters and heat pumps are considered essential equipment for those looking to extend their pool season into the later months. Today we’ll be taking a look at some of those tried and tested best-in-class pool products that make it easier to heat and maintain the temperature of your swimming pool. While some heaters do an admirable job at heating the water in your pool, certain products stand out for their ability to do so with efficiency. Point of fact, some pool heaters have a better reputation for reliability. Pool Magazine helps answer some of the questions consumers have about which pool heater performs best, which pool heaters offer the best value, and which heaters have the best features. An Air Source Heat Pump

Best Pool Heaters of 2022 - Pool Magazine / Pool Industry News

Finding the right heater pool boils down to a few important facts that make it easy to find products suitable for your backyard swimming pool. It’s often difficult for consumers to make a distinction about which heater is best suited for them. Certain heaters perform better in above ground pools, while others are perfectly suited for hot tubs and spas, still others are considered ideal for large inground swimming pools.

When choosing a heater, there are a wide variety of products to choose from. The main three types of heaters consumers will ultimately be looking at are gas, electric, and solar varieties. Each has their own distinct benefits and drawbacks and we’ll spend some time discussing exactly what those are.

We spend an inordinate amount of time evaluating pool equipment for Pool Magazine. Our approach to choosing the best heaters and heat pumps is based on consumer and pool professional feedback along with our own Editor’s pick for Best Pool Heater of the year. On our list this year, you’ll find some newcomers to the category, along with industry favorites that consumers have come to rely on.

We present our 2022 Best Pool Heaters list broken down by category. You’ll find best-in-class pool heaters rated for above ground and inground pools. Our staff also provides recommendations for heat pumps, natural gas pool heaters, propane heaters, electric heaters, and solar heaters. In this article, you’ll also find a helpful pool heater buyers guide for helping you select the perfect product for your swimming pool.

Above ground pools like their inground cousins provide recreation and enjoyment for the family. For those who own an above ground pool, there are plenty of low cost heating options available that will allow you to extend your pool season later into the year. Finding the right heater for your above ground pool starts with determining whether you truly want to noticeably heat the water in your pool, or simply warm it up to a more comfortable level.

Hayward’s W3HP50HA2 is a high-performance, 50-gallon gas water heater with heat pump technology that is ideal for above ground pools. This system provides ideal water temperatures even in harsh weather conditions and uses less energy than natural gas or propane heaters. The digital control panel displays temperature and allows for simple control of settings. Advanced heat pump technology, an efficient rotary compressor and low noise fan guarantee extremely quiet operation. Hayward’s durable titanium heat exchanger provides exceptional corrosion protection. AHRI certified and independently lab tested to ensure the highest quality performance and value.

Electronic ignition, a digital thermostat, and Polymer headers are features of Raypak digital heaters. They can be used in above ground pools and are gas-powered. Raypak’s 206,000 BTU digital electronic ignition natural gas pool heater is perfect for environments requiring efficiency, convenience and versatility.

Withstands various weather conditions, the space-age material means the heater won’t retain residual heat after it is turned off, allowing it to be installed without the use of costly metal heat sinks. Intermittent spark ignition pilot safety controls. The pilot only comes on when there is a call for heat.

Pentair EC462025 MasterTemp 125,000 BTU Compact Energy Efficient Pool Heater MasterTemp pool heaters are designed for small to medium-sized pools and spas. The EC462025 has a compact design with 82-percent efficiency as compared to larger pool heaters. In addition, the EC462025 is quiet operation makes sure not to impose on leisure pool time. This propane heater boasts 125,000 BTUs and is designed for smaller bodies of water up to 15,000 gallons making it an ideal choice for above ground pools.

The FibroPool FH 270 Swimming Pool Heat Pump is designed to provide 70,000 BTUs of heating power for in-ground and above-ground pools up to 450 sqft in size. With a 5.77 COP rating, this pool heat pump is one of the most efficient on the market, generating $5.77 of heat for every dollar of electricity used.  Suitable for in-ground swimming pools up to 15,000 gallons or 400 sq. ft. surface. Above ground pools up to 27′ round or 18 x 33 ft oval. A newcomer to our list, FibroPool heat pumps are manufactured and serviced by Fibropool Co in Mississippi.

The GAME SolarPRO Curve is a solar pool heater that has been designed for above-ground and most inground pools. Aimed at passively heating the pool, this heater increases the pool temperature by 5 degrees in 4 days (for an 8,000-gallon pool). This solar heater has been designed with high-quality materials that will hold up against frequent exposure to the sun and outdoor elements. The unique curved shape maximizes heat collection. Treaded ports have been added for versatile plumbing options. Adjustable legs allow this solar heater to be set for maximum exposure to the sun.

Inground swimming pools need a robust heater that can handle efficiently heating a large volume of water in a short period of time. When looking at some of the best pool heaters for inground swimming pools, we’re evaluating products that have best-in-class features, high quality, high performance, and are backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty. The following inground pool heaters make our list based on consumer satisfaction, reliability, and overall product performance.

The Hayward W3H250FDP Universal H-Series 250,000 BTU Propane Pool Heater is perfect for in-ground pools and spas with a surface area up to 750 ft. where natural gas is available. This low environmental impact pool heater is ideal for pools and spas located where low-NOx emissions are required. The Hayward Universal H-Series 200,000 BTU Propane Heater delivers premium heating performance for years of reliable, long-lasting comfort. The efficient, industry-leading design reduces circulation pump run time to provide energy savings.

The Pentair MasterTemp 400K BTU Propane Gas High Performance Eco-Friendly Heater is the ideal propane gas heater for your pool or spa. This high performance heater will provide you with fast, efficient heating for your pool or spa.

This is a best-in-class energy efficiency propane gas pool and spa heater that has been certified to meet low NOx emission standards. It also outperforms industry standards and provides up to 50% more heat than standard models.

The Raypak 336,000 BTU Digital Electronic Ignition Natural Gas Pool Heater features the latest in pool heater technology. This high-output natural gas pool heater is perfect for large commercial pools and spas. It has a digital electronic ignition system that reduces maintenance costs and improves efficiency by up to 20%.

This pool heater is ideal for inground swimming pools and also boasts an intermittent spark ignition pilot safety controls. The pilot only comes on when there is a call for heat, which means you won’t be wasting energy or money heating your water 24/7. It also has space-age material that prevents it from retaining residual heat.

The 240,000 BTU Raypak 014951 Digital Cupro-Nickel Propane Pool Heater is built to last. The heater is created differently from the majority of heaters on the market, as can be seen by looking at it. The special “pagoda design” of the Raypak Digital Cupro-Nickel Propane Gas Heater allows the heater to continue to function in the face of strong winds and downdrafts. The heater’s cabinet is made of galvanized metal and undergoes a 7-stage powder coating process to withstand corrosion and the elements. A built-in microprocessor controlled thermostat allows the heater to instantly adjust the temperature of your pool or spa. Additionally, for added convenience, it is remote compatible and can be connected to any two or three wire remote.

Looking for a natural gas pool and spa heater? The Hayward W3H400FDN Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU heater is perfect for you. With its low environmental impact and corrosion protection, this heater is ideal for pools and spas in areas with low-NOx emissions requirements. Plus, its energy efficient design reduces circulation pump run time, providing energy savings for years to come. Intuitive front control panel provides easy operation, service and maintenance – making the Hayward Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU Natural Gas Heater easy to use.

These days heat pumps are an environmentally friendly method to efficiently heat your swimming pool. Those with smaller inground pools and above-ground pools will find that a heat pump helps passively heat and maintain the temperature of the water. Typically lower cost to operate than traditional pool heaters, pool heat pumps are a cost-effective way to heat your pool without being encumbered by an enormous utility bill.

The XtremepowerUS 53,000 BTU Heat Pump Titanium Super Quiet Swimming Pool Heat Pump is designed to heat and cool your pool or spa with ease. This high-performance heat pump features an intuitive and easy to read LED Control Panel that provides digital temperature readout, diagnostics and electronic ‘lock-out’ of temperature set-point.

Digital control accuracy saves time and money getting the pool to the perfect temperature. This unit’s unique Profiled Fan Blade ensures efficient air flow for quiet operation so you can enjoy your pool without the noise. The durable injection molded UV-resistant body panels are weather resistant and impervious to rust and deterioration.

With this large-capacity heater, you may extend your swimming season this year. The FH055 has a 55,000 btu output and is rated to heat above-ground pools up to 21′ circular or 15′ X 30′ oval, as well as in-ground pools up to 10,000 gallons. Maximized energy efficiency, features a Copeland high-pressure differential compressor and a titanium heat exchanger to reach a COP of 5.92; in other words, for every dollar of power, the FH055 will output an equal 5.92x of heat.

Raypak R8450ti-E Heat Pump with Titanium Heat Exchanger offers simplicity and durability, ensuring optimal heating for your pool and spa for years to come.

Your pool and spa can each have a different target temperature set on your digital heat pump pool heater. This enables you to set the ideal spa temperature and eliminate further temperature adjustments.

The temperature of the pool can be reduced to save electricity. enables you to use solar energy as your main source of heating and your heat pump as a backup. Control and program 3-way valves for use with the digital control’s pool and spa mode.

Hayward’s HeatPro 95,000 BTU pool heat pump is perfect for in-ground pools that need a reliable and economical way to maintain an ideal temperature.

Hayward HeatPro heat pumps incorporate titanium counter-flow heat exchangers for unrivaled and uncompromising performance – even under the harshest conditions.

With corrosion-resistant technology and a titanium heat exchanger, this pool heater is perfect for coastal climates. Plus, with UV-resistant body panels and an industry-leading warranty, you can trust Hayward to provide long-lasting quality.

Heat your pool with an energy-efficient heat pump. The UltraTemp heat pump from Pentair employs an ozone-friendly refrigerant and a 100% pure titanium heat exchanger to ensure corrosion-free performance and extra-long life. The UltraTemp heat pump comes with digital controls and dual thermostats for accurate temperature control in pool/spa combinations. You can avoid overheating and energy waste this way. Autoset Temperature Control: This standard feature monitors water temperature and turns the pump on and off as needed to maintain the appropriate temperature, overriding the time clock. It is the pinnacle of hands-free comfort control.

A natural gas or propane pool heater will unquestionably heat your swimming pool quickly and efficiently. Although typically more expensive to operate than heat pumps and solar options, a gas pool heater is without a doubt the fastest way to heat a large body of water. With that said, there are numerous options to choose from when selecting a natural gas or propane pool heater. We’ve narrowed our selections to best-in-class products that provide the best value, features, and reliability.

Pentair’s EC462025 MasterTemp Propane Gas Pool and Spa Heater epitomizes efficiency, ease, and dependability. This small-but-mighty heater is easy to use and has reliable safety features to keep your system working smoothly. This propane-powered pool heater with 125,000 BTUs will keep your pool at the optimum temperature so you can always enjoy pool time. This compact pool heater is ideal for smaller bodies of water and can warm pools with up to 15,000 gallons of water. This swimming pool heater is modest, but it is 82% efficient when compared to larger pool heaters. The housing design is corrosion and UV-resistant for long-term durability, and the convenient safety features ensure your machine does not overheat and is simple to turn off when servicing is required.

Raypak Millivolt heaters are mechanically thermostated standing pilot gas heaters with Polymer headers. These heaters are intended for household use and combine durability and smart design to rank among the best on the market. Their features include exceeding federal and state fuel efficiency criteria, high flow rates, condensation prevention, and a wind-resistant design that will last for years.

Raypak’s 105,000 BTU Swimming Pool and Spa Heater is perfect for in-ground pools and spas with a surface area up to 1,200 ft. where natural gas is available. This low environmental impact heater boasts exceptional protection against corrosion and premature failure caused by unbalanced water chemistry, making it ideal for pools and spas located where low-NOx emissions are required. The efficient, industry-leading design reduces circulation pump run time to provide energy savings, while the intuitive front control panel provides easy operation, service and maintenance.

Raypak ASME Digital Copper Heat Exchanger Natural Gas Heater with Cast Iron Headers is a long-lasting piece of equipment. Raypak ASME rated heaters are intended for use in commercial installations where local codes require the use of ASME-certified equipment, such as apartments, condominiums, and public pools and spas.

The Raypak commercial digital heater includes ASME waterways for commercial usage and a microprocessor-based thermostat control. Using the up and down buttons, the user can precisely set the temperature of the pool or spa. The computerized display displays the pool’s water temperature in real time.

Let’s face it, an efficiently heated pool or spa allows you ultimate control of your swim season while providing a comfortable environment for recreation and entertaining. Our Editor’s Pick for Best Pool Heater is the Hayward – Universal H-Series 400,000 BTU heater which provides hydraulically efficient solutions for any pool or spa. We chose this pool heater based on performance, reliability, and lower environmental footprint.

Electric pool heaters are a popular option with those looking for an easier turn-key pool heater installation. Today’s popular electric heaters quickly and efficiently heat your swimming pool and tend to cost less as far as initial outlay. Many consumers find that electric heaters are a popular option for small inground and above ground pools. We’ll take a look at some of the most popular products and recommend the best electric pool heaters available.

This pool heater is the most energy-efficient, safe and reliable heat pump on the market. It is suitable for small pools up to 3960 gallons. The larger the pool, the longer heating time. (Please read item description for more details as reference). With innovative flat-tube titanium heat exchanger, it has 30% higher heat exchanging efficiency than spiral tubes. It’s your perfect solution for above ground swimming pools, hot tub or spas!

110V, 60 HZ for USA electricity. Built in 8 foot long power cable with standard USA plug.

A newcomer to our list but certainly to the industry, Coasts Electric Pool Heater is ideal for small inground pools, above ground pools and hot tubs.

Features automatic heating, the thermostat will first reach the preset temperature, then stops working until the temperature drops a few degrees. Start the pump and the thermostat automatically heats the water temperature to approximately 100 degrees.

Voltage: 220V / 240 Power: 11KW 50/60HZ

The heat pump operates on this principle: it takes energy from air molecules and transfers it to water (like the principle behind air conditioning, but in reverse). It does not convert power to heat immediately. As a result, the operation consumes extremely little electricity, and its heat conversion rate can reach COP 5.6. In other words, for every dollar spent on energy, 5.6 dollars worth of heat is generated. As a result, it can heat a large amount of water while using very little electricity. It can maintain the pool warm and comfy as long as the ambient temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

FibroPool’s FH055 pool heat pump makes our list as a top energy efficient model. Featuring 100% Titanium heat exchanger, quick disconnect piping, 1 1/2″ pvc and 17 Amps power-230-240 volts 60 Hz .

Convenient controller and digital display The maximum temperature setting is 99’F. Format for slim fit 18″ x 16″ footprint. Roughly 25 cents per hour to operate in mild-humid regions, it is suitable for pools up to 13,500 gallons.

Our Editor’s Pick for Best Electric Pool Heater is the Raypak Crosswind 61,000 BTU pool heat pump. While small in size it makes up in efficiency and performance.

With the advent of solar technology comes a new wave of solar pool heaters that do an admirable job of passively heating the water temperature to desirable levels. A solar pool heater coupled with a solar pool cover is actually the greenest and most economical way to heat your swimming pool with incurring a large monthly utility bill. Hence, solar pool heaters have become more popular with above ground pool owners who are looking to save on their heating costs.

Doheny’s Solar Heating System is ideal for above ground swimming pools. Simple to install and the best part is that it requires no gas or electricity! Solar energy is a GREEN way to heat your pool water. Add weeks to your season with free solar energy! To improve heating efficiency, multiple collectors can be connected in series however a bypass kit is needed for hooking up two or more heaters or pools that have a 1 HP or larger pump.

The SunQuest solar pool heater is ideal for above ground swimming pools and small inground pools. Panels are sold in sets of 2×10, 2×12, and 2×20 foot kits. Easy to install panels can be mounted on a roof or simply laid on the ground beside your pool. Can be turned on and off with a diverter valve kit. Captures free energy from the sun to heat your swimming pool thus eliminating pool heating costs.

The SunHeater Solar Pool Heating System allows you to capture free heat from the sun’s rays to effectively raise your pool water temperature. It’s an efficient and cost-effective method to heat your pool.

This solar heater system uses your existing filtration system and has 4 end caps, 2 elbows for flex hose connection, 6 stainless steel hose clamps, 1 roll of Teflon tape, and rubber connector hoses.

Manufactured by Fafco, the leading solar manufacturer. Solar Bear systems are made out of a single 4-foot-by-20-foot collector with no connections or connectors. The system is built of UV-stabilized polyethylene, which is extremely durable and will survive for many seasons in bright sunshine. The systems include an inherent bypass valve, allowing you to turn them on and off as needed. Can be installed directly on the ground, on a rack, or on an adjacent roof.

When the weather gets cold, most people understandably close their pool for the season. Purchasing a pool heater is an investment many pool owners are willing to make for a number of reasons. Here are just a few of the advantages of installing a pool heater in your backyard pool.

While afternoon swims may still be tolerable for some, early morning and late night dips in the pool might turn unbearably chilly. You can still enjoy those soothing swims during the calmer and more serene hours of the day with a heater installed

Adding a pool heater to your poolscape means that you can extend your swim season for months, possibly even stretching it out so that you can enjoy your poolscape every day of the year. Gas, solar, and electric heaters are all options available to you, and depending on a number of conditions, they won’t break the bank.

Having a pool heater eventually increases the value of your pool. Your significant investment transforms from a seasonal delight to a year-round leisure and exercise tool that will improve the wellness of your friends and family.

A heater is a wise investment for any pool. Being able to swim in your pool at any time means that you can maximize your backyard investment and continue to make wonderful memories with your loved ones at any time of year.

We’ll talk about three types of pool heaters: gas pool heaters, electric pool heaters, and solar heaters. Each type of heater has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, we’ll take a look at each type of pool heater and discuss pros and cons.

In this section we’ll discuss how each type of swimming pool heater works, how much you might pay to purchase a typical heater of each type, and how much each type normally costs to operate over the pool season.

Gas-powered pool heaters heat your pool water by burning either propane or natural gas. As long as the heater can continue to burn its fuel, it can work in any outdoor temperature situation.

Gas pool heaters use combustion chambers to burn fuel, which heats copper coils attached to the pool pump. Your pool water will travel through these copper coils, quickly warming and returning to your pool at a much more comfortable temperature.

A gas pool heater is more expensive than the other two types of heaters, especially if you intend to use it frequently (fuel costs can add up). However, it is the only type of heater that will function when it is cold and dark, and it will heat your pool water considerably faster than a solar heater or an electric heat pump.

Pool heaters are required in cooler climates. An electric heat pump can extend the “pool season” by approximately two months.

Electric pool heaters are more efficient than other types of pool warmers, often costing owners $50 to $100 per month in additional electric costs. An electric pool heater works by pulling ambient warmth from the air to heat your pool water.

While an electric pool heater is much more cost feasible to operate than a gas heater, one of the major drawbacks is that they typically don’t work as well when the surroundings are colder than 55 degrees.

Total overall cost of operation makes electric heat pumps in general an extremely popular option with consumers. Typically most consumers will spend anywhere from $300 to over $1,000 a year, heating their swimming pool with an electric heat pump.

It can be difficult to get a pool to a pleasant temperature, especially in the early summer or if the pool is located in a shaded area. The shivering may be stopped thanks to solar pool heaters, which can warm up the icy water.

These heaters are made of sizable panels that either rest on the ground or are mounted to a house’s roof. Each panel has a network of tubes that are used to pump water through, warming it with the sun’s heat before it is put back into the pool.

The process of using solar energy to heat the pool is a relatively simple one. A network of valves controls the flow of water from your pool to your solar collectors. Through separate tubes, water rises to the top of collectors from the bottom. The natural and radiant energy of the sun heats the water as it slowly rises. Eventually your pool is heated to the temperature you choose, heated water is returned and the procedure is repeated.

Solar pool heating systems use the energy from the sun to warm your pool while producing no air pollution and lowering your carbon footprint! The only real drawback to implementing solar may be your expectations. Typically solar systems take much longer to heat up the pool than electrical heat pumps and gas heaters.

A solar pool heater will actually start paying for itself after the initial expense of installation and materials, which takes about 3 to 5 years. You can use your pool year-round thanks to self-contained solar pool heating systems, which circulate warm water continually.

You want everyone who swims in your pool to be comfortable in addition to keeping a certain temperature to protect swimmers who may be at risk of injury safe. No one will appreciate it if the water is excessively hot or cold. Really, what is the purpose of having a pool then?

Most experts would advise that keep most swimmers comfortable, set the thermostat on your pool heater to a temperature between 78°F and 82°F (26°C and 28°C). Perhaps a little colder if you reside in a region with extremely hot summers, or a little warmer if you do not.

Although having a nice, heated pool is a luxury, it may also serve as a haven for germs and algae growth. In actuality, it may impact the chemistry of your pool. To keep your water safe for swimming, it’s crucial to maintain the proper balance.

A swimming pool heater can let homeowners utilize their pool for longer periods of the year, extending the return on their investment after installing a pool or purchasing a home with a pool. The fortunate thing about owning a pool in a cooler area is that, with the aid of a solar, gas, or electric pool heater, you may use and enjoy it all year long.

With that said, it’s a fact that heating a pool with a natural heater or electric pump can get expensive. Consumers should expect to pay on average between $2,860 for a pool heater and roughly $1,782 to $4,011 for related pool heater costs.

Labor for installation costs less than half of the total cost of a pool heater. The average labor charge for installing a pool heater is between $500 and $1,500, according to The overall cost for installation will vary depending on the type of pool heater and whether the gas or electrical systems must be run from the house to the pool.

Keep Commercial Pools Clean With Polaris®

The Pool Pump Cover™ – Pool Equipment Enclosure

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ePropelled Unveils Energy-Efficient Electric Pump Motors

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Best Above Ground Pool Pumps of 2022

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LOWELL, Mass. | December 6, 2022 – ePropelled, a provider of leading-edge electric propulsion systems and power generation solutions, today announced a new line of energy-efficient electric pump motors designed to be used with pools, spas, and industrial applications. The motors provide optimized energy efficiency, reduced noise, and are compact and lightweight. These innovations allow manufacturers to save energy and money, while delivering better overall value to customers.

Forrester data shows that 68% of consumers plan to increase efforts to identify brands that reduce environmental impact. At the same time, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that more than half of the electricity used in manufacturing powers various motors. ePropelled’s environmentally-friendly motors give industry and manufacturing leaders an opportunity to reduce harmful greenhouse emissions by replacing their motors and systems with improved designs.

Available immediately, ePropelled’s new line of six motors include:

All the Sustainability Motors are compact and lightweight for easier installation, and their quiet performance makes them more comfortable for consumers. Noise pollution is a problem with pump motors in general, whether for residential pools or other commercial uses. In addition, the new motors’ variable speed capabilities optimize pump motor efficiency, reduce energy costs, and allow manufacturers to easily add new features and functions.

“Our new energy-efficient electric pump motors have less impact on the environment and are powerful enough not only for pools and spas, but many other applications within industrial markets,” said Nick Grewal, CEO, president and founder of ePropelled. “Variable speed pump motors are more efficient, which creates more sustainable products, systems and operations and can reduce costs. This is a win-win for manufacturers and consumers alike.”

ePropelled is focused on designing and producing energy-efficient motors and related technology for a variety of sectors, with a particular focus on the industrial pump motor market. Target markets include HVAC, pool, spa, water and wastewater, and other large industrial applications. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), electric motors and systems account for about 40% of electricity consumption globally.

ePropelled designs state of the art motors, generators, and power management systems. Our technology helps reduce energy consumption and improve system efficiency at a lower cost in the aerospace, manned and unmanned aerial vehicles, electric vehicles, and pump motor markets. We are a leader in magnetics engineering, and our patented technology innovations are used in the air, land, and water, defining the future of electric propulsion.  

ePropelled has offices in the United States, Europe, and India and collaborates with manufacturers of all types and sizes around the world. For more information, please visit

We look at Aiper’s line of budget-friendly pool cleaners

These days, consumers are looking for budget-friendly pool cleaners. With the price of keeping a pool clean going up, convenient and cost-effective pool cleaners are in high demand. Aiper is meeting that demand with its line of inexpensive robotic cleaners. A relative newcomer to the U.S. market, their new line of cleaners has been a big hit in the direct-to-consumer market.

One of the best-selling robotic pool cleaners on Amazon, Aiper has been rapidly gaining traction with its line of corded and cordless options. To get a better understanding of what their product line is all about, we spoke with Jason Floyd, a representative for Aiper.

“We want to clean smarter,” said Floyd, “we’ve really been pushing this line of cordless pool cleaners that are eco-friendly and take care of the pool completely on their own. A lot of the other models that had come before, they’re corded, they’re bulky, and they take up storage space. This kind of solves a lot of those problems. We’ve become a leader in the cordless sector. In the last couple of years, we’ve been picking up more steam with more products and new features.”

So far, the line of budget-friendly robotic pool cleaners has been selling like hotcakes online. Consequently, Aiper has made tremendous traction in a very short time. A fact that is not lost on Floyd, who is excited by the reception the product line is receiving from consumers.

“Starting out as a newcomer, we particularly wanted to focus on that brand identity and brand loyalty,” said Floyd, “we wanted to really hone in on the quality of what we offer. We’re working with our initial consumer base to make those improvements. You can internalize research and development all day long, but once it gets out into the public, you hear about features you may have never thought of or a different set of priorities.”

Floyd says Aiper worked hard to build an AI-based product that could compete against other products in the market. “We’ve looked at sonar, we’ve looked at camera technology, but all of these things, they all increase the price of the device to a non-competitive point. The technology really wasn’t paying off in the sense that it offered enough. What we developed is systematic path planning. We have the artificial intelligence that’s built in there that is pool mapping. All of these things together cover about 90% or more of your pool.”

Let’s take a closer look at some of the more budget-friendly options from Aiper’s offering in the cordless and corded robotic pool cleaner category.

We like the AIPER Seagull 600 for a couple of reasons. Easy to use and sets up in seconds, this cordless robotic pool cleaner is a solid entry-level cleaner for those with small flat bottom inground pools or above-ground pools. With a run-time of 50 minutes and smart sensors, the cleaner is able to create a cleaning path using sensors in the device. Smart technology tells the cleaner to park itself near the pool wall when it’s done cleaning. AIPER even included a convenient hook for your pool pole to get the unit out of the pool when it’s finished cleaning.

The AIPER 1000 is a step up from the entry class 600 in every way. With a longer run-time of 90 minutes the AIPER 1000 is able to clean larger area inground and above-ground pools. Powerful suction power and a wider nozzle suck up debris more quickly in larger swimming pools. Features the same smart pool wall parking technology and cleaning path calculation as the 600 series with some notable improvements in range of motion. The AIPER 1000 was much less prone to get stuck or turned around than the 600 was during our tests.

The AIPER Orca 800 Mate is a budget corded pool cleaner that is ideal for cleaning above-ground swimming pools. Featuring 3 different work cycles, and adjustable angles, this pool cleaner is a wallet-friendly workhorse. Dual wide suction inlets suck up debris faster and a unique swing plate prevents the cleaner from getting stuck. The corded variety features the same smart cleaning path technology found in the other units. The Orca 800 Mate comes with a 33 ft long swivel cord and anti-collision strips to protect your pool wall.

The Orca 1200 Pro is a versatile corded robotic pool cleaner that scrubs hard with dual PVC brushes. A wall climber suitable for use in inground swimming pools, the unit is powered by 150W triple-axis drive motors which allow it to navigate the area of the pool more efficiently. Dual cartridge filters can store more debris between cleaning cycles. The Orca 1200 comes with a 50 ft long tangle-free cord and is backed by a 2 year warranty.

Aiper has been getting tremendous attention with mainstream media outlets. Their line of products has appeared everywhere from Forbes to Better Homes & Gardens to CNN. After appearing at IFA Berlin, the company is poised to break out even further with big box retailers.

The choice to go direct-to-consumer was a calculated decision said Floyd. “Going small scale or direct consumer to begin with was kind of just an important measuring stick for us. That being said, we are going to be bigger. We have deals with both Walmart and Lowe’s coming up with our new line of products that are going to be out in the next year or so.”

Aiper plans on making an appearance at the International Pool Spa Patio Expo in Las Vegas this November and will be at Booth 7944. Pool Magazine will be in attendance at the PSP Deck Expo to check out their new line of pool cleaners. We’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Listen to our entire interview with Jason Floyd of Aiper on the Pool Magazine podcast

Polaris launches its first robotic cleaner line-up for commercial pools with the VORTRAX™ cleaners.

SAN DIEGO – September 29, 2022 – Fluidra®, a leading manufacturer of innovative automatic pool cleaners and pool equipment, introduces the NEW Polaris® VORTRAX™ robotic cleaners for light commercial pools to its industry-leading lineup. Engineered for enhanced maneuverability and superior debris collection, the VORTRAX 30iQ and VORTRAX 25iQ offer a powerful robotic cleaning solution to suit the needs of small to medium commercial pools such as hotel, motel, apartment complex and condo (HMAC) pools.

Equipped with Polaris’ newest cleaning technologies, the VORTRAX robotic pool cleaners are designed to efficiently and effectively cover the entire pool by assessing each pool’s shape, size and surface material to determine the optimal amount of cleaning time. Using the latest navigational instruments, the VORTRAX cleaners each employ an Enhanced Sensor Nav System™ to automatically adjust to fluctuating factors — such as water depth and acceleration to ensure comprehensive cleaning. The VORTRAX 30iQ offers additional obstacle and wall detection with six advanced ultrasonic sensors — yielding superior results in pools with unique layouts and add-ons.

Made with long-lasting, durable materials and heavy-duty tracks that provide increased traction and help extend motor life, these industrial-strength pool cleaners feature a robust construction that can withstand the rigors of everyday cleaning in high-traffic pools where dirt and debris can accumulate quickly. A Dual-Stage Filtration System, comprised of two stackable mesh filters of different sizes, ensures everything from leaves and acorns to sand, silt and strands of hair are extricated — leaving you with an immaculate pool that’s ready for swimmers.

Additionally, both VORTRAX cleaners come with proprietary Double Helix Brushes on either side that gently agitate stuck-on dirt and draw debris in, channeling it towards the large inlet for more effective cleaning.

Enhanced scheduling options that can be controlled via the iAquaLink® app or control box make these cleaners ideal for commercial use with programmable recurring cycles up to six hours, a delayed start timer that allows sediment to settle to the floor before starting a cycle and a remote control with targeted spot cleaning for quick clean-ups as needed.

WiFi connectivity gives pool operators access to clean the pool anytime, anywhere using their smartphone or mobile device; users can Start/Stop a cleaning cycle, view the cycle timer, choose a cleaning mode, initiate the lift system, and receive troubleshooting — all from the palm of their hand.

For powerful cleaning and easy operation, the VORTRAX cleaners come standard with Vortex Vacuum technology, a large filter canister and Polaris’ well-known Easy Lift Removal System that brings the cleaner up to the waterline with the touch of a button and rapidly evacuates water for lightweight removal and transport.

The Polaris VORTRAX light commercial robotic cleaners are a part of Fluidra’s Trade Series Exclusive lineup of products; made exclusively for brick-and-mortar dealers and not available for Internet resale. Pool professionals are encouraged to contact their local Fluidra representative for information on the Polaris VORTRAX cleaners.

Fluidra is a publicly listed company focused on developing innovative products, services and IoT solutions for the residential and commercial pool markets, globally. The company operates in over 45 countries and owns a portfolio of some of the industry’s most recognized and trusted brands, including Jandy®, Polaris®, Zodiac®, CMP and S.R. Smith. To learn more about Fluidra, visit or call 800-822-7933.

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