Embrace 'Indoor Outdoor Living' with AXOR Starck Nature Shower

2022-11-19 01:37:09 By : Ms. Jenny Shu

Trends in the home and living space continue to shift year to year, but one design feature that many modern homeowners continue to prioritise is access to outdoor space, or what can be recognised as ‘indoor and outdoor living.’ Whether it is the inclusion of a lush garden, or a terrace adorned with plenty of plants, more and more of us desire spaces within our homes that we can transform into our own outdoor sanctuaries. 

Having a dedicated outdoor space, or just living in proximity to nature, has been proven to have a lot of benefits for our physical and mental well-being. Research has demonstrated that regular access to green areas and having access to fresh air and direct sunlight can help with easing stress, depression, and anxiety. A prime example is during the pandemic period, many of us were stuck under strict lockdowns and as a result had to begin redesigning our spaces to ensure we got the best of both the indoor and outdoor worlds. Concealed Shower Fixture Set

Embrace 'Indoor Outdoor Living' with AXOR Starck Nature Shower

According to the Hansgrohe Group, ‘nature living’ involves transferring familiar objects into a new habitat to facilitate our day-to-day movement from indoor to outdoor. One such example is the AXOR Starck Nature Shower, which moves Philippe Starck’s iconic shower column design outdoors to create a luxurious showering experience, the connection to nature underscored by the element of water.

Speaking about the AXOR Starck Nature Shower, Anke Sohn, Head of Global Brand Marketing AXOR, said: “With the AXOR Starck Nature Shower, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor continue to soften. With its clear design language, luxurious and durable materiality, and improved technology, it offers every comfort of the AXOR Starck shower column known from the interior. The AXOR Starck Nature Shower turns the shower into a meditative ritual in harmony with nature.”

The sleek and timeless AXOR Starck Nature Shower boasts a reduced design that allows it to exist seamlessly with its surrounding space, whether that is indoors or outdoors. Its minimalist design featuring a slim shower bar can blend into a variety of settings including an outdoor garden, urban terrace, or even within the bathrooms of a luxury yacht.

The AXOR Starck Nature Shower’s design language is clear with a focus on essential shower functions and basic shapes in its aesthetics. It boasts cylindrical handles that are used to set temperature, water volume, and showerhead selection; while the overhead shower is circular and hand-held shower is a simple yet sleek rod-shape. The shower column is available in a variety of weather-resistant finishes including matte black, brushed bronze, alongside other AXOR FinishPlus finishes, each promising colour brilliance and durability.

The AXOR Starck Nature Shower collection consists of three design variants: two for outdoor use and one for indoor use. The indoor and outdoor variants with the hand-held shower option have been adapted to better suit individual wellness needs because of the rain and mono spray options. Beyond this, the shower’s integrated technology draws inspiration from the natural world. A prime example is the ‘PowderRain’ spray flows that mirror what it feels like to stand in a gentle summer rain.

Beyond the shower itself, freedom and adaptability are also offered with the installation of the AXOR Starck Nature Shower. The shower column can be mounted on selected materials for the back wall, from glass to stone, metal, and wood. A thoughtful and effective drainage system and the incorporation of a mixing cartridge allows for the shower to withstand the elements. Its design also makes it easy to assemble and disassemble according to the seasons, for example allowing it to be stored indoors when temperatures are below freezing.

Moreover, a holistic approach to bathroom design is at the heart of AXOR’s celebrated line of products. As a result, one can also embrace the AXOR Uno, AXOR One, and AXOR Starck faucet collections to match the minimalist design of the AXOR Starck Nature Shower.

Part of the Hansgrohe Group, AXOR is recognised in the realm of design as a forward-thinking brand that is dedicated to developing iconic products for luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Over the years, AXOR has worked with several renowned designers including Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, and Barber Osgerby just to name a few, which is a testament to the brand’s expertise that extends beyond each individual product and lends to shaping water-related spaces to reflect the unique wants and needs of the users of today.

For more information, visit https://www.axor-design.com/asia 

Ashima is a Senior Writer for Prestige Thailand Online and her role involves writing and curating engaging content for Prestige’s digital portals. Before joining the Burda team, Ashima spent five years working in Thailand’s dynamic media industry as a lifestyle journalist. Outside of the office, Ashima is a professional DJ and proud dog mum to a Labrador named Luna. She also enjoys painting, watching films and true crime documentaries, listening to podcasts, and running.

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Embrace 'Indoor Outdoor Living' with AXOR Starck Nature Shower

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