The Yeti Water Bottle Everyone Needs - CNET

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Yeti just released its new Yonder water bottle, and it's exactly what I've been waiting for. Small Glass Containers

The Yeti Water Bottle Everyone Needs - CNET

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Earlier in November, Yeti released its first reusable plastic water bottle and it's everything I've ever wanted. The Yonder water bottle 's slogan, "Easy to Take, Hard to Break" rings true. The bottle is made of shatter-resistant plastic and has a leak-proof cap, a handle that allows it to easily be attached to a backpack and an easy-to-drink spout. 

I brought this water bottle with me last weekend on a hiking trip in Colorado and it withstood the trials and tribulations of the Rocky Mountains. While it may not provide insulation, you can rest assured that your drinks won't lose their cool within the first five minutes of filling up the bottle. My water stayed cold all throughout my three-and-a-half-hour hike.

A great gift for gym-goers, hikers and runners, the Yonder water bottle is available in two different sizes, 25 and 34 ounces, and four fun colors. It starts at $25.

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The Yeti Water Bottle Everyone Needs - CNET

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