8 Best Sand-Free Beach Towels To Buy In Australia In 2021

2021-12-25 05:45:03 By : Mr. Mike Xu

Never worry about leaving a trail of sand in your car and house again.

Lightweight, highly absorbent, incredibly quick-drying and compact, a sand-free towel is essential for a trip to the beach. Here, we’ve rounded up the best ones you can buy online in Australia.

There’s nothing that spoils a perfectly relaxing day at the beach like a trail of sand everywhere your beach towel goes. Even when you think you’ve brushed off every grain before leaving the beach, you just somehow manage to find sand specks all over your car floor, in your bathroom, on your couch and basically anywhere you decide to sit, walk or pass by. It’s a true nightmare.

But that’s where the sand-free towel comes in…

What is a sand-free beach towel?

If you’ve ever looked closely at a normal beach towel, you would have noticed the material is made from looped fibres — this is what traps sand. So, a sand-free beach towel is made using loop-free material like velour or microfibre, which prevents sand from being caught between the fibres and instead, slides right off.

They’re also incredibly lightweight and highly absorbent, making them perfect for when you’re dipping in and out of the ocean all day.

Here, we’ve rounded up our favourite sand-free towels so you don’t have to stress about whipping out the car vacuum every time you plan on heading to the beach.

CHARS Microfiber Quick Drying Beach Towel, $25.99 at Amazon

Sky Gazer Sand Free Towel, $44.99 - $54.99 at The Iconic

Mr Poppins+Co Footloose Large Sand Free Microfibre Beach Towel, $79 at Myer

Dock & Bay 100% Recycled Beach Towel, $37.99 - $175.99 at Amazon

Lazy Dayz Sand Free Beach Towel, $39.95 at Myer

Mosmann Sand Free Beach Towel Sushime, $59.95 at The Iconic

Sand Society Lila Sand Free BeachTowel, $69.95 at The Iconic

Morrissey Sand Free Beach Towel, $26.95 at Catch

Keep on reading for a full rundown of each…

For less than the price of a week’s coffee, you can get your hands on this oversized quick-drying beach towel that measures 152cm long, so it’s perfect for sharing with friends, family and pets. Over 1.2k people have rated this towel on Amazon, only leaving positive reviews.

One person wrote: “Excellent travel towel! I took this towel with me on a two-week trip to Greece, as well as on a week-long trip to Honolulu, and it performed even better than I expected. The towel was compact, incredibly lightweight, took very little space and my bag, was super absorbent and dried quickly. It also did not retain sand, which makes it pretty much worth its weight in gold right there.”

The only downside? Choosing one from the variety of designs it comes in.

If the best sand-free beach towel for you is one that’s luxurious, odourless, ultra-absorbent, quick-drying and comes in a matching waterproof bag, then look no further than the ones from Sky Gazer. Their towels are engineered using 350gsm SandResist fabric, which repels sand and prevents odour by blocking bacteria growth. Choose from three sizes - small, large and double extra large - as well as a myriad of different patterns and colours. If you’re like us and find it difficult choosing just one, why not get a few for different purposes? One for the beach, gym, yoga and travel?

This comfortingly large towel will dry you off in seconds and prevent any sand from traveling into your car and home. The microfibre towel also has a fun feather print on one side and stripes on the other but also comes in three other designs that are as equally as grammable.

This sand-free towel that has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, is another Amazon best-seller. The 100 per cent recycled material it’s made from feels incredibly soft and fluffy against the skin, and dries three times faster than a normal cotton towel. It also comes in two different sizes - large and extra large - and features a handy hook to hang your towel out to dry (which will only take a few minutes).

As one person commented: “Used these for 3 weeks on beaches that varied from sand, fine shingle and pebbles. All I can say is that they are absolutely brilliant, dry you well, comfortable to lie on, strong, dry our quickly and just need a quick shake to get rid of any sand. Washed them twice by hand in cool water with minimum detergent and they come up like new. All this and they pack away with ease into the small carry bag provided and the weigh next to nothing in the suitcase. Perfect!!”

This sand-resistant beach towel available on The Iconic has a soft, absorbent microfibre finish, and dries three times quicker than its cotton equivalent. You can pop it in the washing machine and dryer, and it also comes with a hanging loop for convenience.

What we can’t get over is the incredibly cute dual design on this sand-free towel — one side featuring a variety of different sushi and the other a nori and rice print. Aside from its aesthetics, it also ticks all the boxes that make a sand-free towel loveable — it’s quick-drying, compact (the 160cm x 80cm towel can be folded into a small 21cm x 7cm roll), fits in a small complimentary carry case and has a handy hang strap for even quicker drying. If you love sushi (who doesn’t?), then you simply can’t look past this sand-free towel.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know Checkerboard has been one of the biggest design trends of 2021, which is why this sustainably made sand-free towel is one of our absolute favourites. Featuring a fashionable checkered pattern in lilac, it can absorb up to a litre of water and completely dry in half the time of a regular beach towel. It’s also odourless, made from 400gsm for an ultra-premium and soft touch, and comes with a petite carry bag. Tick, tick and tick.

Another budget-friendly option, this Morrissey beach towel is made with comfortable sand-free sunbathing in mind. Upon departure from the beach, simply shake it and pack it in your bag without having to worry about taking a mountain of sand home with you. Easy.

A sand-free beach towel might look no different from any ordinary beach towel, but upon closer inspection, you’ll be able to feel the material isn’t the same. That’s because sand-free towels are made using materials like microfibre or velour, both known for their powerful absorption. The fibres are so fine in these materials, which is why sand is unable to collect within them.

Yes, sand-free towels definitely do the job of repelling sand. As mentioned above, they work because of the material’s fine fibres. This also means they dry quicker and are much more lightweight, which is great for taking on the go.

The one you choose will ultimately come down to your decision. However, any towel that can repel sand, is lightweight, compact and quick-drying will make for a great pick. Other additional features that might appeal to you may include an additional carry bag, a hang strap as well as a wider range of colours and patterns to choose from.

To complete the perfect beach look, make sure to check out our round-up of the best (and stylish) beach and sun hats as well as our favourite beach towels for those lazy summer days. Now you’re ready to shop, head to our coupons page for more great deals.

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